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A hike at Grandfather Mountain

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Pretty Handy Girl: A hike at Grandfather Mountain

Saturday, July 24, 2010

A hike at Grandfather Mountain

In honor of my sons' Grandfather, (who graciously took them to an outdoor magic show in heat advisory weather today) I've decided to post some pictures from our weekend trip to Grandfather Mountain in western North Carolina.

Grandfather Mountain holds loads of awe inspiring views; a nature park with opportunities to see and learn about the native animals; and a mile high swinging bridge (a personal favorite of our little ones.)

Won't you join me on a beautiful hike through Grandfather Mountain park? (I decided to hold the commentary so you can enjoy the peaceful nature sounds.)

Grandfather Mountian named for the old man profile see above.
Jars of homemade jelly were lined up right along the main scenic highway

Swinging Bridge Facts (from Grandfather Mountain Website)

The Mile High Swinging Bridge was built to give visitors easy access to the breath-taking view from Grandfather Mountain's Linville Peak.

The 228-foot suspension bridge spans an 80-foot chasm at more than one mile in elevation. Surveys show that the journey to the other side is always considered the highlight of a trip to Grandfather Mountain.

The term "mile high" refers to the structure's elevation above sea level (5,280 feet)
The term "swinging" refers to the fact that suspension bridges are free to sway.

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At July 26, 2010 at 9:45 AM , Blogger Lori @ Nitty Gritty Pretty said...

Beautiful pictures. My husband and I went on vacation to western North Carolina a few years ago and we have been longing to go back.


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